Stitching Facility

We have continued to grow in capacity while ensuring complete satisfaction regarding quality assurance all along the way. We are now operating more than 100 state-of-the-art Japanese-manufactured machines.


This stitching facility is backed up by permanent affiliation with

  • 50 Air Jet looms in Widths ranging between 75” and 134”
  • Dyeing and finishing facility with a capacity of :-
A Yarn Dyeing Can make unique combination of check, strip & Jacquard fabrics.
B Processing Comprises of two continuous Bleaching ranges, 3 Rotary Printing machines up to 18 colors and 2 Continues Dyeing Ranges.
C Cut and Sew Elegant International has a very efficient and high tech stitching facility.
D Embroidery Equipped with advanced high speed multi-needle embroidery machinery, designs can be created up to 400 x 1200 mm
E Wadding & Quilting At present, there are 18 single needle computerized Quilters and 2 multi-needle continuous Quitters. There are 1 Wadding plant
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